2018 Simulated Emergency Test

This year’s Simulated Emergency Test, or SET, is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th. For those who haven’t participated in a SET before, there will be a scenario given to us (see link below) which will require us to run nets and collect simulated information from those who check in. Every checkin counts! Even if you can’t participate in everything the scenario calls for, please check in to the nets anyway.

With that being said, this years SET will be an accelerated event with the majority of the activity taking place between 9 am and noon.

Additional information can be found here: http://ctares.org/set18.php
Take a look at the Player Handbook. Lots of good information there.

More information will be sent out or posted to the website above if/when it is available. Those who signed up for text notifications on the Region 4 website will get an announcement text.

Hope to hear everyone on the air on the 6th!

Vinny Mazzarella, KB1JDX
DEC – CT ARES Region 4

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