Local ARES Nets

Region 4 has weekly nets in both the North and the South. These nets are training sessions for possible future events and provide practice in formal net procedures. These nets are also a great way to find out what is going on in your area.

We are looking for Net Control Operators for both nets! Contact your local ADEC for information

Region 4 nets are as follows:

Region 4 SOUTH ARES Net
Time: 8:00 PM Monday, weekly
Frequency: 147.06 MHz Repeater (+600 kHz shift PL 156.7 Hz) Salem, CT
Alternate: 146.73 MHz Repeater (-600 kHz shift PL 156.7 Hz) Norwich, CT
2nd Alternate: 146.67 MHz Repeater (-600 kHz shift PL 156.7 Hz) Groton, CT


Region 4 NORTH ARES Net
Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday, weekly
Frequency: 147.225 MHz Repeater (+600 kHz shift PL 156.7 Hz) Brooklyn, CT
Also available via EchoLink Node # 47825
Alternate: 147.300 MHz Repeater (+600 kHz shift PL 77.0 Hz) Lebanon, CT


Region 4 DMR “TAC4” Net
Time: 8:30 PM Wednesday, monthly – 1st Wednesday of the month
Frequency: ┬áCT ARES DMR Network – CT TAC 4 talk group
Keep in mind that since it is a tactical channel, you may need to press the PTT on your radio to activate the channel on your repeater


Connecticut ARES HF Net: Thursday nights at 7:00 PM, on 3.965 ???


Region 4 North (doc)
Region 4 North Net Log (xls)
Region 4 South (pdf)

Region 4 South Callup List (pdf)
TAC 4 Net (DMR)

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